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HTC 510 - simplicity in a new, larger size

At once with the HTC Big Wednesday, we have the pleasure to present the new HTC 510 grinding machine, that replaces the GL 550 model, complementing the HTC START&GRIND range focused on user friendliness and efficiency.
HTC 510 is a robust and powerful planetary grinder, it is truly a multipurpose and versatile machine, suitable for many different applications, from stripping floors to grinding concrete, natural stone and wood on small to medium-sized area.

It is available in both single phase 230V and three phase 400V with power from 2,2 Kw to 4 kW and grinding width of 515 mm.
A major advange of the HTC 510 is the grinding head, the same head with unique, advanced and already proven concept mounted on Duratiq 5 model, that will improve machine productivity and durability.

Trimmer per HTC 510

Grinding head

  • •  Hermetically sealed, entirely protects from dust and moisture the enclosed components
  • •  Increased maintainability due to no use of chemical seals
  • •  Design precision and low level of losses means increased productivity
  • •  Grinding width of 515 mm

Trimmer per HTC 510


  • •  Easily detachable from the motor and foldable for easy transport
  • •  Handles on the motor for ergonomic lifting
  • •  Quick connector for the motor cable

Trimmer per HTC 510

Tool holders

  • •  230 mm cardan style heads
  • •  EZchange fixed tool holder as standard
  • •  Cross for easy conversion from EZ block to Velcro

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